Best Places to Find Embroidery Patterns

Most embroidery enthusiasts are constantly searching for their next project to work on. Although you can work from scratch, it’s often much easier to create something if you have a pattern to work from. There are tons of ways to find embroidery patterns, but with so many options out there, it’s difficult to narrow things down. Here are some of the best places to find embroidery patterns for all skill levels.

Local Craft Store (ie. JoAnn)
One of the best places to peruse embroidery patterns is your local craft store. They likely have space dedicated specifically to embroidery patterns. You will typically have the option to purchase embroidery patterns on their own or in a book. Although you will have to purchase these embroidery patterns (whereas many online sources publish them for free), you often get very high quality patterns with detailed instructions that makes it easier to create a great project.

Etsy is an online crafter’s marketplace that allows people to open their own store and sell their products. Not only can you buy a variety of embroidered goods on Etsy, but you can also find embroidery kits and patterns. Many of these patterns are extremely detailed and unique because they are created by dedicated crafters. Although these patterns do cost money, they are usually very affordable and provide great quality as well.

Craftsy/similar blogs
One of the best places to find embroidery patterns is online embroidery blogs and sites. A quick Google search for ‘free embroidery patterns’ will likely return countless options for you to choose from. Craftsy is one of the most popular blogs for this and has become a go-to for many embroidery enthusiasts, but there are several other options out there as well. The benefit of finding your patterns online is that they are usually free or very inexpensive, and they are easy to access by either printing them out or just viewing them on your computer. You can also search for specific themes, colors, and difficulty levels.

Pinterest is a surprisingly great place to find embroidery pattern ideas. People from around the web share their favorite things on their Pinterest boards, and browsing the boards of another embroidery lover is a great way to get inspiration and find new patterns. Although the patterns aren’t on Pinterest itself, you can get a link to the patterns you are interested in by clicking on the photo. If you are looking for quality patterns with a certain theme, Pinterest is a great way to sort through them quickly and easily.

There are tons of great embroidery pattern books out there that you might not be able to find in your local craft store or bookstore. An easy way to find books of patterns that are more obscure is by looking on Amazon. This online marketplace has virtually everything you could ever need for any type of crafting, and embroidery is no exception. It’s also easy to find books that are discounted from certain sellers, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good embroidery patterns.

If you just can’t find the embroidery pattern you’re looking for, why not try asking your friends who also embroider? They likely can point you in the direction of some great patterns that they’ve used in the past, or maybe they’ve even created their own patterns that you can use too. Talking to other embroidery lovers is a great way to get inspiration for a project.

There are many places where you can find high quality embroidery patterns of all kinds. If you’re struggling to find a pattern you love for your next project, try one of these options.

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