Where to Find Great Embroidery Patterns

Once you’ve learned the basics of embroidery, the fun of it is finding new projects to take on. You may be looking for something in a specific theme, something to use as a gift or a decoration, or just want to challenge yourself to do something different. Whatever it is that you are looking for, there are plenty of places to find new embroidery patterns. Here’s how you can find great new embroidery ideas.

Embroidery/craft blogs
This is one of the best places to find new embroidery ideas, because these posts are created by other embroidery enthusiasts who love the craft and have come up with their own unique designs. They’ll walk you through the project step by step, and they have plenty of pictures as well, so you can really see what you are doing. There are tons of embroidery blogs out there, but we of course recommend that you search through the SmartNeedle archives to look for ideas. If you are searching for something specific, a Google search of ‘X embroidery project blog post’ should yield what you are looking for.

If you prefer to just browse until you find something that inspires you, then Pinterest will be your go-to place. Just a quick search for embroidery crafts will come up with tons of great photos that will take you to more detailed posts from other online sites where you can learn how to actually make the craft. Be forewarned – the site is addictive and you can easily spend hours on it. A great benefit of this is that you can also create a board specifically for embroidery patterns and save the ones you like for later.

If you learn better from watching and listening than from reading, then try looking for embroidery tutorials on YouTube instead of on blogs. These are also great if you are still in the beginning stages of learning to embroider and need a more detailed approach. Crafty vloggers will walk you through the entire process of creating a project, and you will be able to see each step in motion as well. The social aspect of YouTube also means that you can leave comments and send messages to the content creator if you need more help with the project.

For those of you who aren’t particularly tech savvy, there are plenty of great embroidery books out there than have patterns to work from. In fact, a good embroidery book will have detailed photos and plans that explain the entire process of the craft so that you can make it easily. Working from a book also means that you can take an entirely technology free day to complete an embroidery project – sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Craft Stores
If you are really hurting for inspiration, head to your local craft or sewing store. Many of these shops will stock kits that have all of the thread and other materials you need to complete a project, as well as the complete design. Although this doesn’t allow for as much room for creativity, it’s still a fun way to try something new and practice your embroidery skills. This is also a great way to learn new skills because it is very guided.

If you have friends who like to embroider, why not ask them for their favorite embroidery crafts ideas? They’ll likely be more than happy to share them with you, and you could even make them together as a fun social event. If you don’t have any friends who embroider, see if there’s a class or club in your area that you can join.