How to Boost Your Creativity

For any crafter, learning how to be more creative is always a good thing. Creativity helps us come up with new ideas and showcase our own personal style, emotions, and ideas. Although embroidery can be somewhat rote when you are first starting out, once you’ve learned the basics, there’s so much room for creativity and interpretation. If you find yourself often feeling stuck on what to make or how to express yourself, you may need to find a way to boost your creativity. Here are some tips for how to do it effectively.

Work on a project with someone else.
Sometimes when you cannot come up with an idea on your own, the best thing to do is to ask a friend for help. Even if neither of you is able to create by yourselves, when you combine your creative talents, special and exciting things are likely to happen. If you usually work on embroidery or crafting projects on your own, try joining a group to help get your creative juices flowing.

Take a break and head outside.
One of the best places to derive inspiration from is nature. Artists have been doing this since the beginning of time, and there’s a reason for it – nature provides us with beauty right outside our window. If you are feeling stuck, take a break and go outside. Removing yourself from a situation can often make you think differently about it, and exercise is also very helpful for boosting your creativity.

Get comfortable.
When you sit down to work on a new project, make sure you do it in an environment where you feel happy, relaxed, and safe. Many people have certain areas in their home where they particularly like to craft because they feel most at ease there. This could be a living room, den, kitchen, backyard, or just anywhere where you can really be yourself. Set the mood even further by adding music, candles, and other things that create ambiance, and you just might find that you come up with something new.

Just start something, even if it’s terrible.
In many cases, all you need to do in order to get going after a lull is to just force yourself to get moving, even if you don’t have the greatest of ideas. Just pick the first thing that comes to mind and start working on it. You may abandon it quickly, but that likely will be because you’ve developed a better idea! Getting yourself moving again after a creative slump will also help remind you why you enjoy crafting as well.

Watch something funny or uplifting.
Studies have shown that laughter is actually something that really boosts our creativity, so next time you feel like you’re experiencing creator’s block, turn on your favorite sitcom or watch some cat videos online. No one knows exactly why this can help make us more creative, but it likely has something to do with helping you open your mind and relax.

Take care of yourself.
When you aren’t healthy, you can’t be at your most creative. If you want to improve your creativity long term, try increasing the amount of sleep you get, as well as eating healthy, drinking more water, and adding more exercise to your routine. You’ll be surprised to find that not only are you more engaged in your daily life, but new ideas will come to you more easily as well.

Although boosting your creativity may seem like a big challenge, it doesn’t have to be if you approach it with a positive attitude and an open mind. By relaxing and trying new things, you’ll be surprised by just how much you can create.