Embroidery Sewing Machine Needle Change-Threader


The Embroidery Sewing Machine Needle Change – Threader is suitable for most household multifunctional sewing machines without automatic threading function and some other old sewing machines, it helps you to change the needles quickly in your embroidery Sewing Machine.

The Needle Change –  Threading tool is made of quality plastic and metal, safe and durable.

How to use:
1.Insert the thread into the V-groove of threader.
2.Place the V-groove over the needle just above the needle eye.
3.Slide the threader down the needle while pushing it gently until the threader pin goes into the needle eye

Double Functions:
1.For threading:  It can help pass thread through the needle eye conveniently,in case of poor eyes or poor lighting;
2.For inserting:   It holds needles firmly to prevent falling while changing needles.