Embroidery Thread 24 Spools Box

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24 Embroidery thread spools, Includes color matching bobbin under the spools.

 24 Embroidery spools box, featuring a delightful array of earthy tones, pastels, and vibrant colors.  What makes this set even more exceptional is that each spool comes paired with a perfectly matching bobbin discreetly nestled underneath. This thoughtful addition ensures that your hoop projects can easily achieve a harmonious and polished finish with complementary colors at your fingertips.

The superior polyester thread wounds on a functional designed spool that carries a color matching bobbin at its base.
Also great for self standing and In the hoop projects where both top and back thread should color match. 
100% Polyester, 1100 Yds per spool – 40 Weight, High Sheen & bleach resistant.
Available in ‘Class L’ bobbins under the spool.