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WEBSITE TRANSLATION ON ANY LANGUAGE can be translated to any language following these easy steps; Right click over the website window, then chose ‘Translate‘, click on ‘options‘ and select language.


Embroidery Designs:

NOTE: These are digital machine embroidery designs not finish artwork. You must own an embroidery machine and know how to transfer files to your machine in order to use these designs.

     – How do I purchase embroidery designs?

To order Embroidery Designs: go to the desire embroidery collection page, select your machine format (from the 12 choices available), then select either ‘ Embroidery Collection’ (includes all designs) or select a Single Design, then click the ‘add to bag’ button.

wishlist   Smartneedle have a Wishlist feature to save designs or notions for later purchase, this button is found below the price of every product page.  To use this feature you will be ask to log In to your account so the selections can be save.

     – What Embroidery Format do I choose?

It all depends on what machine you have, please check the format table for reference. This chart is also available on every Embroidery Collection page for your reference. will send the designs in the chosen format, If you need extra formats, please contact us and we will make it available for you.



     – What form of payment do you accept?

Smartneedle accepts all major credit cards, VisaMasterCard, Discover, American Express, & PAYPAL

We also accept personal checks (USA only) but purchase will be send after clearance. To pay by check click HERE

All transaction on our site are completely secure with SSL encryption.

Paying on Smartneedle is safe, fast and easy!.



     – How and when will I receive my designs?

All embroidery design purchases will be sent to you via download links on an email immediately after payment, these links will stay active under your account order history for future use. You can always login to your account to download you designs as well. If for some reason your did not receive a confirmation email (It may be blocked by filters), check your account order history to find your embroidery designs.  All your embroidery designs will be available for download under your account, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

If you are having trouble after checking your account history, please email us to: and we will email them to you as Zip files.


     – Can I order a CD hard copy with my Embroidery Collections?

Our website will save all your new embroidery files under your account for future access, but if you want a CD backup of your Embroidery purchases CLICK THIS LINK  and add the CD to the cart, then on the checkout message window write us a note or give us the order number of a previous purchase you would like to add to the CD. We can save up to 15 collections on a CD.


     – Do I have to register again on the new Website?

Smartneedle new website was custom made for ease of use, quick browsing, wishlist feature, coupons, account history and more. The site is build with the newest technology and it is not compatible with our previous Website. Registering will give access to all your designs purchases which you can download as you please, as well as Free designs and special deals.

-IMPORTANT: we can not transfer designs bought prior to March 2016 to the new site. All purchases made on our previous Website are archived by us, in order to retrieve a design you will need to contact us and we will be happy to send it to you via email. Thanks for understanding…


     – Will the embroidery designs I purchase be accessible under my new account?

Yes all your purchase history and embroidery design links will be available under your new account for future access. We reserve the right to immediately and without notice terminate repeat and future downloading abilities to any account holder who is known to be sharing designs. ALL design downloads will be terminated. Our designs are available for instant download upon purchase. We are not required to provide indefinite and unlimited downloads. We do so for convenience. Therefore, those violating our terms of use will lose those abilities.

If we find designs being downloaded to multiple computers of one account holder, downloading abilities will be suspended without notice and further rights to future downloads will be revoked.

It is highly recommended that you download your designs upon purchase. While we do provide unlimited downloads, please remember that we are selling digital machine embroidery designs and NOT a cloud storage service. Our unlimited downloads are for your convenience only and Smartneedle.INC  reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Smartneedle.INC  is NOT responsible  for lost designs if you have not downloaded them. Designs will remain available for download as long as you respect our Account Policies.


     – How do I return or exchange an embroidery design?

Due to the ease of duplication, embroidery designs are not refundable or exchanged unless; you bought a design twice and we can prove it or if you bought a copy by CD and it is damaged, If so we will be happy to exchange it for a new one.

Sewing Notions and Supplies

     – I received a damage product, what now?

Our products go through quality control gates but if you find an issue with them, We will be happy to exchange it or refunded after receiving the product back, before returning the product please contact us at , include your order number and describe the issue. Products could be refunded or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.


     – Could I propose a product Idea? how do I do that?

Our design team is always looking for fresh ideas, We welcome your input, but know that we do not give monetary reward for them.


     – I own a Store and I will like to carry your sewing notions, where do I start?

We work with most sewing distributors to wholesale our products. If your distributor do not carry something from our line, ask them and they will be happy enter it on their catalog.

 Click here to check our distributors.